Copywriter anyone?

Are you looking for a copywriter?
What an incredible coincidence: you just found one, and what’s more, he’s a freelancer.

Luca Bartoli, online copywriter.

I know, “incredible coincidence” is a bit of a stretch… but, as you probably already know, we copywriters like to play with words. Let’s say they are like the tools of our trade. If you have a few minutes, keep reading and I’ll tell you more about my work and my idea of copywriting.

If on the other hand you’re in a hurry to get in touch with a copywriter for your website’s text content, landing page, ad campaign, below the line material – such as a catalogue or a sales letter – or anything else that prompted you to find me, just email me now at

If first you want to know more about what I can do for you, go ahead and take a look at my copywriting portfolio.

By the way, forgive my manners: I haven’t introduced myself. Let me do it now: nice to meet you, I’m Luca Bartoli, copywriter since 2005 with experience in international agencies, currently a freelance copywriter (something that, as you will learn on this page, offers considerable advantages).

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What is copywriting for and what exactly does a copywriter do?

Since you haven’t written to me yet and you’re reading on, I’ll assume you’re not in too much of a hurry. Still, I have too much respect for you as a reader to beat about the bush and give you a copy-and-paste definition of copywriting from Wikipedia.
I’ll get straight to the point and give you my personal definition. I think this may help you get an idea of the kind of person I am:

“A copywriter is a salesman. His only weapons of persuasion are words, sometimes put down in black and white, like the ones you’re reading now.”

I feel this definition nicely encapsulates my view of copywriting: “write to sell” or “sell using just words”. And when you’re not selling a product or a service, it’s about “selling an idea” or “prompting the reader to take a given action” – make a purchase, ask for information, request a quote, register to a newsletter, provide data or support a cause. Incidentally, this is also the main difference between a copywriter and other professional writers, like journalists and novelists.

What kind of copywriter do you need?

This is something you should determine. I can tell you what kind of copywriter I can be for you. It’s up to you to decide if this is what you need or are looking for:

  • Advertising copywriter – the traditional definition for “someone who writes the words of ads” – print ads, billboards, TV and radio commercials, digital, social or unconventional campaigns (discussed in this page);
  • Web copywriter – someone who writes the text content of websites (discussed in a different page on this website);
  • Seo copywriter – writing seo website text, i.e. optimizing your text content for search engines (also discussed in a different page on this website);
  • Seo specialist copywriter – combining the abilities of a seo copywriter with those of a seo specialist, resulting in an integrated approach to search engine optimization (that’s right – this is also discussed in a different page on this website);

How much does a copywriting service cost?

In order to answer this question, I encourage you to read The Benefits of Working with a Freelance Copywriter below. If, however, you want an immediate, precise answer like a number next to the word “euros” email me at broadly explaining what you need.

My copywriting portfolio.

At this point you might be thinking, “Ok, right, ‘write to sell’, you might actually be what I’m looking for, but before getting in touch I want to take a look at what you can do…”
Here is my copywriting portfolio, or a list of my campaigns as an advertising copywriter:

Print and billboards.

Advertising campaigns on dailies and magazines; standard and custom billboards.

audi q3 automotive copywriterla7 copywriterseat arona copywriteraudi quattro automotive copywriterMTV copywriterAudi Sport automotive copywriterAudi SQ7 automotive copywriterRolling Stone copywriteraudi a4 allroad automotive copywriterAudi AllService automotive copywriterdrink different copywriterAudi e tron automotive copywriterAudi Urban Future automotive copywriterpets copywriteraudi self driving automotive copywriterVolkswagen copywriterenglish school copywriterAudi quattro ski automotive copywriteraudi Dindo Capello automotive copywriterMacelleria copywriterAudi Q7 automotive copywriteraudi city lab automotive copywriterGatorade copywriterAudi Service automotive copywriteraudi quattro cup automotive copywriterFNAC copywriterAudi Prima Scelta Plus automotive copywriterAudi R8LMX automotive copywriterwall street copywriteraudi navigator automotive copywriteraudi life automotive copywriterintesa sanpaolo copywriteraudi quattro automotive copywriterseat ibiza automotive copywriter la 7 copywriterSMART automotive copywriterBMW automotive copywriterMusic TV copywritermetzeler copywriterBMW Motorrad copywriterFreddy Pants copywriteraudi Madonna di Campiglio Dolomitica automotive copywriteraudi Alpine adrenaline automotive copywriterBlack Berry copywriterDamiani copywriterdimensione danza copywriterRoyal Ballet copywriteroxydo copywritersafilo copywriterVS copywriter

TV and web commercials.

TV commercials and videos for the web – viral and more.

lamborghini copywriteraudi italia copywriterinvicta copywriteraudi q7 tv copywriterzaini invicta copywriteraudi a3 copywriterseven the double copywriterzaini scuola seven copywriterprojection mapping copywriterfreddy slounge copywriterfreddy copywriteraspirina copywriterrolling stone magazine copywritersky vivo copywriterlegambiente copywriterassicurazione copywritersky copywriterbooktrailer copywriterlasoactive copywriter


Online and social media campaigns.

audi social network copywritertinder copywriterdigital audi a3 copywriterronald mcdonald copywritertempo box copywritermcflurry copywriterdigital mcdonald's copywriterPatata Anni 80 copywriter


Guerrilla marketing, ambient media, events, integrated marketing and anything that qualifies as “unconventional communication”, i.e. doesn’t fall within any other category.

seat arona copywriterblack friday copy writerm&m's copywritermtc day copywriterguerrilla marketing copywriterambient media copywriter


Radio advertisements.

Audi TT automotive copywritercopy writer la7audi a 3 copywriteraudilife copywriterfavole copywriterbennet copywriteraspirina copywriterrolling stone radio copywriterassicurazione dialogo copywriterpubblicita perle ai porci copywriter
Of course, these are not the only things I’ve done or can do as a copywriter. They are just the most representative examples of my services as an advertising copywriter. For anything else you might want to ask me, here is my email:

What are the benefits of working with a freelance copywriter?

Since there is no agency acting as an intermediary, the advantages of working with a freelance copywriter broadly include:

  • Increased cost-effectiveness: when working with a freelancer you only pay the individual working for you as opposed to a whole organization. In addition, as you’re about to learn if your freelance copywriter works from home, there are no overhead costs such as an office, which would inevitably impact prices;
  • Faster, direct communication. The traditional agency model involves a number of in-between figures (account executive, account director, creative director, sometimes a creative supervisor) mediating the communication between you and the copywriter working for you – a sort of Chinese whispers (or telephone in the US) game, with consequences you can well imagine;
  • Faster, definite turnaround time. Due to the aforementioned model involving multiple passages, agencies take longer to deliver a project. In addition, in order to move a job forward, several (usually overloaded) people need to be coordinated, again with predictable consequences;
  • Greater transparency and clarity. Speaking directly with the professional working for you can significantly reduce misunderstandings and, should any arise, it’s very easy to get back on the same page;

Copywriter studio in Milan, Italy.

As mentioned in the first point of The Benefits of Working with a Freelance Copywriter, now that you know what I do, I would like to show you where I do it – usually from Monday through Friday, from 9 am to 7 pm.

best studio for a copywriterbest copywriter studiobest copywriter office

Your new copywriter.

Now that you know what I do and where I do it, I think it’s only fair for me to show you who I am, in fact who your new trusted copywriter is. Here is a picture of me, dressed casually but not too casually, my hair well-combed but not gel-slicked, with a moderately smiling face, standing in front of a reasonably hipster place.

best web copywriter

Would you like to learn more or request a quote for a specific project?

I think it’s been popping up here and there throughout these pages, but here is my email again:

In the email you’re about to write, please include as much information as you think might be helpful. If you’ve read this far, you have just proven that when a subject is of at least some interest, people will read. I know, I’m a copywriter and you’re looking for one to do the writing in your place.
To quote a phrase you’ll often hear me say, here’s what we’re going to do:

“You take care of the content, I’ll worry about the form”.

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